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Areas of excellence

Dr. Delay has developed various techniques in Plastic Surgery, and has developed several areas of excellence. As a Swiss patient, you can benefit from a high-quality care by a renowned international surgeon, invited as a lecturer in major international meetings, on these subjects of excellence, at the cost of a simple intervention, near you. The proximity of Lyon to Switzerland means that the consultation and the surgery organization are simplified. These areas of excellence are:

Facial rejuvenation surgery

Dr. Delay led the report of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 2017 entitled “The revival of face- and neck-lifts”, of which he is co-author of several chapters.

Implant breast augmentation

Dr. Delay co-directed the 2005 report of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery on breast implants. In this work, he has participated in about ten chapters, and has mastered the field for many years.

Breast augmentation with fat grafts (lipomodelage)

Since 1998, Dr. Delay developed an important experience in breast augmentation surgery using fat grafts (lipomodeling)

Breast reduction surgery and breast ptosis correction surgery

Dr. Delay has developed different technical variants and techniques to improve the result, such as the posterior glandular flap which helps to obtain a very nice neckline. Moreover, this technique can be combined with lipomodeling, a technique he has developed, for which he has a very important experience.

Autologous breast reconstruction

Dr. Delay has developed original techniques of autologous breast reconstruction: by latissimus dorsi flap without implant, by fat grafting, by pectoro-mammary flap. The most recent development is the short scar dorsal flap, which gives very high quality results with a short scar of only a few centimeters. This technique will undoubtedly become, in the next few years “gold standard” in autologous breast reconstruction, surpassing TRAM and DIEP by the quality of the results and the reliability of the technique.

Difficult secondary cases

Dr. Delay has acquired considerable experience in complex secondary cases, for which he is often called upon to give lectures: on re-operating complex cases of cosmetic surgery and complex and difficult cases of breast reconstruction.

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