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Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is a specialty dedicated to the treatment of morphological and aesthetic problems. Among the surgical specialties, it has the particularity of providing each patient with a unique technical solution, the most appropriate to the problem.

“Aesthetic concern must be an integral part in all our reconstructive surgical acts. In the same way, in aesthetic surgery, it is always necessary to keep a certain idea of reconstruction, reconstruction of the ideal aesthetic aspect lost or desired ideal. It is in this approach, both plastic and aesthetic, that lies the future of our specialty; and in order to give the best possible result for each patient” (Plastic and aesthetic surgery: one and indivisible. DELAY E. Réalités en chirurgie plastique 2016 ; 14 : 3-4).

It is here that all the talent and experience of the best plastic surgeons and the best aesthetic surgeons, can be used to give the best solution and the best possible result for each patient, while using small tricks, or technical improvements, adapted to each case.

The techniques used to correct the multitude of problems encountered by a plastic surgeon are constantly evolving, and it is important that the plastic surgeon is up to date of the most modern and effective techniques. Also, the involvement of the Plastic Surgeon in the medical scientific community, in Plastic Surgery, is fundamental for its maintenance at the best level of its discipline.

  • Aesthetic eyelids surgery
  • Face- and neck-lift
  • Upper-lip Lift
  • Otoplasty
  • Fat transfer to the face: lipostructure (lipofilling, lipomodeling)
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominal wall surgery
  • Aesthetic buttock remodeling
  • Thigh lift
  • Aesthetic genital surgery